Practical informations

How to come ?

The Burelesques festival is set between Couvertpuis and Biencourt (10-12km from Bure). Here is a map of the surroundings (sorry, it’s not translated yet !)

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You can come by train to Joinville (27km) or Bar-le-Duc (36km), then you’ll have to hitch-hike or call someone to get you at the station.
If you want to do carpooling, try to use our website Bure carBure

Where to sleep ?

You can camp on the festival field : it’s free price ! If you want to find another campsite, more quiet, or if you’re looking for a guest room, try to have a look to the following websites :


Exept from alcohol, everything at the Burelesques is free price : you give what you want and what you can for the entrance, the shows, the camping, the food...
That means that people who have nothing can give nothing and still enjoy a good week-end of music and politics !
That also means that people who have more should give more to help and support our struggle.
All the money will be used to pay the festival and our next moves against cigéo (trials, forest occupation, big events...)


If you have any question, please contact us :
If you are journalist, press contact is :